Maintenance can never be underrated your home is probably the most expensive item you will ever buy so it needs looking after.

Water is very bad for the home we all know if our roof leaks as we can see the water coming in.

But other areas are overlooked drains and rain water goods channel all that water away from your house or do they?

Leaking gutters and faulty drains can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage if not corrected.

If water can’t be channelled away from your property correctly it will literally take your property with it.

Gas, electrical and all plumbing need maintenance and boiler service is less expensive than a new boiler

Heating systems need flushing and topping up with corrosion inhibitor.

Many homes were constructed with soak away systems which disperse rain water from your house into the ground these have a life of about 10-15 years then they become blocked causing the issues mentioned above.